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Good times come and go, but memories last forever. You are invited to share your precious moments at the OUHK with us. Send us digital images with a short description or hashtags for sharing now. We look forward to your participation!

Below is part of the student’s speech for bidding farewell to Dr Samuel, our Tutor of MGT B820 on 2018-05-06:
In B820, Samuel brings us to the “Strategy” oceans, and he is our lighthouse. With his directions, we are confident we would have the lifebuoys and lifeboats before drown in the last minute.

Samuel takes us to the universes of Strategy, from Earth to Mars and even to Venus, but sometimes we have to manage our return trips.

Samuel knows he won’t stay with us forever after the course. Therefore he is keen to train us up to be qualified strategists. From time to time, he drives us to stay focused and not to be lazy.

We would soon depart to business world on our own and would soon understand that “Strategy” is indeed a profound discipline. Those unforgettable and tortured TMAs (tutor-marked assignments) would eventually become our sources of capabilities in the competitive business world!
p.s. We would also like to thank our Course Coordinator, Dr. H.T. CHAN

Student:All MGT B820 Strategy Class students (2017-2018)

We had a wonderful time at The University of Queensland for the Global Immersion Programme this year. The trip was rewarding and fulfilling. We visited some top companies in Brisbane and, most importantly we hugged the Koala!!!

Student:Yuan ZHANG (Master of Corporate Governance)

The HKICPA QP Case Analysis competition was an experiential journey. With the guidance of our professors, we were enriched with knowledge beyond what was provided in our classes. The final round, though challenging, taught us the importance of team work and efficient communication. Our determination and perseverance also helped us through challenging times. We soon realised that the challenges during the competition prepared us for the corporate world. We were also endowed with valuable internship opportunities at the Big 4. Our internships showed us the reality of working and gave us a taste of the business work life. The case competition and internship are fruitful and unforgettable learning experiences. We would like to thank OUHK and the professors for supporting us, we also hope to inspire OU students to strive in future competitions. THANK YOU, OUHK!

Student:CASINO Abigail H. (BBA Hons in Global Business and Marketing)

In Autumn 2018, I had the chance to participate in the Second Computational Finance Competition organized by Global eSolutions and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter of Hong Kong. Our team managed to win the Champion of Best Overall Return and First Runner-Up in Risk Adjusted Return. Throughout the competition I had great support from my professors, and also had the chance to learn a lot about realistic Programming, Finance and Algo trading strategies employed in Hong Kong.

Student:CHAN Ching Hsiang (Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Finance)


校友:陳冠聰、鄭思藴、王子妍 (2018年畢業)

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學生:鍾詠琳 (護理學榮譽學士(普通科))

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